Terms of Services

The general provisions

When you open the site gcdboost.com, we hope that you will be sure to read this document, what contains legal information (agreement) on how you can use our site to obtain services. You are a customer of our site and you must understand that when you purchase our services or perform any actions on our site you are required to read this document. This is important. Also, before buying, we will ask you to agree to this document. Keep this in mind! It’s important that when you make a purchase on our site, we will assume that you fully understand the meaning of the information in the document and agree to our terms and conditions.

When you open our website, we think you are not working for Blizzard Entertainment inc. and its respective subsidiaries and affiliates (“Blizzard employees”). Otherwise, we ask you to leave the pages of our website.

Our site does not sell goods or property. It does not have the purpose of transferring any virtual goods. We provide services in the field of assistance and training you to the game World of Warcraft. If we gain control of your character’s actions in World of Warcraft, this is part of the training. Please note that all services we provide are only available to those who have paid for it.

Our site does not infringe any intellectual property rights and is not considered a source of such infringement. Blizzard employees are not permitted to purchase our services. The buyer who purchases our services assumes the risks associated with the account being used by unauthorized users. When you give us information about your character, all intellectual property remains with you. We do not claim your account or the characters that are part of this account. We only provide support and advice that will help you become a professional in the game World of Warcraft.

When entering into a transaction, the buyer of the service and we, the site that provides the services for sale, undertake not to disclose to anyone the terms, subject matter or identity of the parties involved in this transaction to any other third party. All disputes that may arise on this issue are resolved in court.


When you open gcdboost.com this means that you communicate with us via e-mail and online consultant, so you agree to receive e-mails from us. We have the right, if you have left a request, to contact you by the specified contacts and in other social networks and messengers. We think all the information you give us is correct and is not aimed at making our business worse.


Our website contains unique photos and graphic materials. Any copying of our information, photos, images is illegal. The collection of such data is an offence and is subject to international copyright agreements and conventions and other laws. You may use our materials only with the written permission of our management.

Who can use our services?

Our site may be used by persons who have reached the age of majority in the country in which they are located. If you are under 18 years of age, you can purchase our services with the permission of a parent or guardian.

Purchase our services

Due to fraud in this area, we only accept credit card and PayPal payments. However, we do not accept payments with unverified addresses or unconfirmed phone numbers. Make sure that when you enter your personal information, you double-check all the information and confirm its relevance and accuracy before sending. All unconfirmed purchases will be cancelled if contact details are found to be incorrect.

Before making a purchase, you must contact the site manager using all available means of communication. Otherwise, if you return the money and do not confirm the purchase, we will retain up to 5% of the amount of your order.

Responsibility for copying the site

You are a user of our site and may not modify it by introducing malicious code or any other type of attack on our site to attempt to change its information, thereby misleading our users. You are not allowed to copy the data of our website (photos, videos, text information) and reproduce them anywhere else for the purpose of generating income. In the event of failure to comply with this rule, we reserve the right to sue you for the protection of our intellectual property.

Account verification / Confirmation

When you ordering any service on our site, you may be required to provide additional information. This can be a phone number or additional e-mail addresses. Due to the increasing number of fraudulent activities that are associated with the virtual business, we do not allow you to pay for our services with credit cards and PayPal accounts that have not been identified in banks and PayPal. Accounts that contain an unverified address or unconfirmed phone number. Make sure to check all details before sending to us, otherwise Your order will be cancelled.


If you have any problems, please contact us by e-mail info@gcdboost.com. Any issue will be resolved at the beginning through negotiations, if the parties insist on a judicial decision of the dispute, it is considered in the arbitration court of the city of Tyumen of the Russian Federation. Before you apply for a dispute or file a claim, it is mandatory to make sure that you have read our terms of service.

Our company reserves the right to make changes to this document without notice to our customers. You must read this agreement before purchasing our services. By purchasing any service on our website, you automatically accept all the provisions of this agreement.

The copyrights of third parties

We do not claim any copyright from Blizzard. All we do is help people, our customers, advise on services and train people to play World of Warcraft. Our company is not affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment inc.


We will refund you 100% of your money, if we refused to perform the service before the start of its implementation, provided that you have made payment after confirmation of the service by the Manager. In this case, we are aware of our guilt and fully refund your costs. If in the process of execution of the order you refuse the services, we will refund your money, taking into account the actual work performed. Also, when ordering a service, we will tell you after what time we will start the implementation of this service.

If at this point we have not started to do the work, we also return you 100% of your money. In the event of an emergency, namely, when Blizzard takes measures to combat the unjustified receipt of such achievements as R1 and Gladiator and removes from the character these titles, in this case, the service is considered to be rendered, a refund is not possible. On the pages of the services themselves may be additional conditions for the return of funds.

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