Privacy Policy

General information

Welcome to our privacy Policy page! When you use the services of our site, you trust us your personal information. This document will describe what information we collect and the main purpose. When you share information with us we can make for you our services even better. For example, we can give you more relevant search results and ads for help you find quickly and easily the information you need on our site. When you use our services we want you to be clear about how we use information and how you can protect your privacy. It’s important!

Adding, correcting, deleting and objecting to the processing of data

Our clients have the right to add, correct and delete personal data that relate to them. Also, our customers have the right to speak against the processing of this data. The company makes every effort to create precautions to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data, as well as to prevent their changes, damage or access to this information by unauthorized persons. However, the Company doesn`t control every risk on the Internet. The site may contain links to other websites or other Internet sources.The company cannot control these websites and external sources, the Company cannot be held responsible for the provision or display of these websites and external sources and cannot be held responsible for the content, advertising, products, services or any other materials available on these websites.The management (or administration) of personal information. If you have received promotional emails from us but want to opt out of receiving advertisements, you can do it.

The information we request

Our site requests data to work efficiently and provide you with the best choice of our services. You give us some information when you send us a message by the feedback form. We also collect other data and record interactions with our services using technologies such as cookies. We receive data from third parties (including other companies).
For example, we have replenish the data we collect when buying demographic data from other companies. We use the services of other companies to help determine the location of your IP- address to configure certain services in your area. The data we collect depends on the services and features you use.

How we use your information

Our website uses the collected data for three main purposes: to improve the business and to provide the services offered for sending messages (and advertising messages ) and showing advertisements. When performing these purposes, we connect the data that we collect through the different services that you use. But to ensure confidentiality, we have built-in technological and procedural safeguards. We store the data we collect from you separately from any account information that calls your name, email address or phone number.

Who can access your information?

We share your personal information with other members. When you give us payment information to make a purchase we will share your payment information with banks and other financial institutions, as well as to prevent fraud and reduce credit risk. We can access personal data in the framework of a corporate transaction such as a merger or sale of assets.

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