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The level of the character grows every addition to World of Warcraft.

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    After getting level 120, we will complete a Mythic+10 dungeon for you. And you will get a weekly chest!
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About service

- The level of the character grows every addition to World of Warcraft.
- To reach the maximum level you need to perform various kinds of activities such as completing quests, passing the dungeon and others.
- You need the maximum level of the character to participate in the actual addition and new content.

Service's description

- You can choose the level you want to get.
- Only handmade! No programs and bots!


You can choose the game mode:
- "Selfplay" is the mode where you play yourself and our players help you.
- "Pilot" is the mode where one of our players takes control of your character.

Extra options description

"Access to World Quests" - We will open World Quests.
"380 ilvl" - We will also reach your character with 380 ilvl after promotion.
"390 ilvl" - We will also reach your character with 390 ilvl after promotion.
"400 ilvl" - We will also reach your character with 400 ilvl after promotion.
"Weekly Island Expeditions Clear" - we will also close the Weekly cap for Island Expeditions after the increase.
"Leveling Express" - We will complete your order within 36 hours.
"Leveling Super Express" - We will perform the service within 15-24 hours.

Pilot play

- Blizzard is actively following the players. At the start of the BFA, even a small increase in the rating of the players attracted the attention of the company's employees.
- Many accounts were suspended and achievements disqualified. We as a company that takes care of your account and gives great attention to its security.
- Therefore, we simple use VPN that allow you to use the Pilot service as safely as possible. We called this program GCDvpn.
- GCDvpn is a feature to order Pilot service with minimal risk for you. GCDvpn is a low chance that you won't get disqualified.
- But if you are afraid to use it we recommend you to use the Self Play service.
- Before ordering the service, be sure to consult with our managers.
- SelfPlay is the safest way to earn PvP`s titles and rewards. You will get unique achievements while playing with the best players in the same team.
- By achievements you will gain useful skills in PvP and change your opinion about The game. It is worth ordering this service.

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